Friday, May 14, 2010

3 Months and Counting...

So I have succumbed and decided to give this whole blogging a go. Why not, right? Everyone seems to be doing it nowadays. Not to mention that it keeps my mind off of impatiently waiting the birth of our first born. What a great experience it has been so far!! I must say that it can be a very nerve racking experience if you let it take a hold of you. It truly is amazing how much my life has changed already, and i know that it will only continue to intensify as the countdown lingers to a close and our baby boy arrives out into the world. I am so grateful to be sharing this experience with my grounded husband. He is absolutely amazing! I really could not be more happy and lucky at that fact! We have slowly been preparing for "D-Day" and I still feel great anxiety that we have so much more to do! I was told that as long as I have a car seat to take the little guy home in, no need to worry about anything else! Yea right! We are right now living with my husband's mother. She is a wonderful person as well and we are lucky to be able to have family so willing to help us out. We had a few letdowns which led us to the situation we are in. Trust me, we would love our own place! Before we were married last year we were house hunting, we found this INCREDIBLE house, absolutely gorgeous, all the amenities that we wanted. We put our offer on it, got the okay from the bank and we were just waiting on closing. We got married, and were temporarily staying with my husbands Grandparents. A few days after we moved in there we received a phone call. I assumed this was the call telling us its time to finally close on our house. My husband gets off the phone and tells me that the deal is off. The loan that we were getting was just in my husbands name, and had a specific income qualification, it was a Rural Housing Loan, and since we were married they had to include my income which stated then that we made too much money and put us back at square one. At first I thought that he was joking---he is known for playing jokes, then I realized he wasn't. It was as if my whole world came crashing down on me. What an incredible disappointment very shortly into our marriage. We were filled with "What Ifs." My credit was not great at that time and with both of us on the loan the interest rate skyrocketed! There was no way we could afford it. So we went out and splurged this money that we had saved because we were both so incredibly depressed by this new situation. We went out and got ourselves into debt, just not the way we wanted! We purchased a new car, my husband put all the bells and whistles on it himself--he is great with car audio and making everything look great. Months went by, in the meantime my husbands brother and his new wife who was carrying her first child moved into their Grandparents now as well, shortly after my husband's cousin and her daughter moved in. They have a great big family, and they are very close and have such a great bond. It's a wonderful family to have been able to marry into. But here we with 6 other people, sharing bathrooms, and basically hiding out in the room that we were staying in. Definitely not the life we intended to lead. Then in December we found out that we were pregnant. We decided that we needed more space, so we went out house looking again, we had been saving and going over our finances in the previous 6 months so we were ready. We found a realtor that we were very comfortable with as he is a member of the church my husband's mom belongs too. We went out and looked and looked and looked. We found "the house". It was great. Great location, great mountain practically in the backyard, the neighborhood had such a great feeling to it. I knew this was the house. So we went all in on this one. It was a short sale, and we knew that there was nothing short about a short sale. Over a month goes by and we do not hear anything about our offer. Finally, close to TWO months after we put in our offer we hear back. The bank that has the mortgage for the previous owners stated that a house in the area sold for $10,000 more than what they were asking so they wanted us to increase our offer by $10,000. We couldn't. We were going to be strapped as it was especially with a new baby on the way! It was another heart wrenching situation for us. So, we decided to go ahead and move into my husband's mom's house. She is here by herself, so it was definitely going to give us opportunity to not feel so crowded, and we didn't have to share a bathroom! Being pregnant, that is very important!! So far we have been here for about a month, and its been great. A lot better for our marriage, and sanity! Not that there is anything wrong with a big family, its just nice to be able to have peace and quiet sometimes! When you don't have it, you definitely miss it, so I have learned not to take advantage of that! There has been a lot of stress for me personally and it has finally gotten better and know that there is nothing more important than my family and the new little one on the way. Nothing else matters.
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