Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Could Just Cryyyy

Awhile back I applied to work from home with a company called GE.  As in the GE lightbulb, appliance GE.  But this is their bank side that I applied for.  Months ago.  I actually got an interview about a month ago and was hired that same day! Yayyy!  It was such a great feeling to know that I have been out of work for about 3 years now, to go and get a job!
Let's fast forward to last week.  I got a part time position, I will be working from home a set amount of hours on set days. is full time, and it is located about 45 minutes(with no traffic) from my house.  So I leave before the kids wake up. Rough stuff.  It was so hard to be without them during the day.  I pick them up from my husbands grandma's house when I get off.  I get there and Brock wants nothing to do with me.  Like he is mad at me.  No kiss, No hug, No hi.  Just NO MOMMY NO! GO!  Granted he is there with two of his cousins and his brother, so that may be why he could care less. But it just made me feel so itty bitty. I can't help but to think that he is mad at me for working.  It takes him a good hour to warm up to me, then its time for me to start the bed time routine.  Jax is happy to see me, which is quite the change for me.  Usually all I hear are high pitched screams out of him all. day. long.  Screaming because he can, not because he is in pain.  Just because he thinks it is funny--you know those screams that are enough to make your ears ring?  So it is nice not to hear that all day~! HAHAHA
I really hope these next two weeks go by fast.  I really can't handle the temper tantrums of a two year old, the indecisiveness of my one year old, the mounds of homework that is piling up for my full-time school adventure, and keeping up with the house. Plus, I really miss my kids. I have learned not to take those moments for granted anymore, that is for sure.  I feel like I am going nuts.  I pretty much look like this the entire morning, and early evening...
And I would also like to say that I like to be in control.  TRAFFIC = ME NOT IN CONTROL.  I tap the steering wheel, flail my hands around at the guy that is not inching forward, tailgate, and possibly yell curse words while talking to myself. Yea. Not good. I really give major credit to all of you that have to travel into a big city with a bunch of people that don't understand how to merge.  I won't even go into those that STOP and stare at an accident on the side of the road. RAWR. You don't work for the newspaper...Keep ON DRIVING.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Took Over Amber's Blog...WITH A GIVEAWAY!

Go show her some love on her blog, and check out my little (big) post and giveaway! Yay!

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Oh, How Pinteresting! {Link Up}

Linking up again with the lovely ladies behind Oh, How Pinteresting!  Check them out and post your latest creation with a Pinterest inspiration! 

Here is mine...

And here is how it turned out...

I really like this!  Although, my uses for a clipboard are far and few between, but maybe I will use it more because it came out so cute! Not to mention that the whole damask pattern is a thing of mine :) 

Here is how I did it....
I gathered my supplies:
Mod Podge
Nail File
Scrapbook paper of choice
I started by taking my clipboard and sanded it a little bit to rough it up and help the mod podge to adhere to the surface. 

Then I went and measure the scrapbook paper out and trimmed up the majority of the extra with scissors.  I only left it so a little would be hanging over the edge(which will be filed off later). Put a heavy coat of mod podge down(I didn't do it thick enough the first time and I got bubbles) over the entire board, and laid my paper down on top of it. I smoothed it out as best as I could with the flat edge of a ruler, Sarah used a pencil in her tutorial, whatever can get bubbles out is great. 
It is still pretty bubbly, so I am not sure I used enough mod podge on the under side.  If I did it again, I would make sure to really put it on thick.  Let it sit for about 30 minutes, then come back to file off the edges that are hanging over.  I used a nail file for this and held it at an angle against the edges of the clipboard and just went down the line.
After you have filed the edges off, you will need to put another 2-3 coats of mod podge all over.  Don't forget the edges so that way you make sure they seal to the board!
Let it dry, and then you are all done! You have yourself a cute NOT BORING clipboard that you customized to your liking! Yay!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Rascal Flatts and Origami Owl?!

Origami Owl is really taking it to the next level by partnering with such a BIG name in the music industry! Rascal Flatts and Origami Owl are promoting a "CHANGED" tag.  This tag goes along with their new single titled "Changed".  I am sure a lot of us have reached a point in our lives when we realize that we either need to change ourselves, or make changes in our lives to become a better person.  I know I have made plenty of mistakes that have changed me one way or another.  Such a powerful song, with a great message and an Origami Owl Tag to match! <3 font="">
This Tag launches tomorrow so be one of the first to get it!
Here are some of the TOP selling charms that we have! There are soooo many to choose from.  I am really surprised I only have one locket to be honest ! Hahaha :)

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Post Sesame Street Cereal {Review}

As a BzzAgent, I was contacted to do a review on the new Post cereal with our favorite Sesame Street characters on it, Elmo and Cookie Monster.

The cereal comes in two different flavors, A is for Apple and B is for Banana.  My toddlers loved this cereal.  I can best compare it to a more grown up version of those Gerber Puffs.  The cereal is not as bland as those puffs, but it doesn't have that WOW effect of flavor.  I used this as a snack because my kids really are not at the point where they sit down and eat a bowl of cereal without spilling the milk all over themselves.  Perfect snack. Fill up a bag, throw it in the diaper bag.  It is great on the go, at home, whatever the case may be. This snack works. The kids seem to enjoy the flavors as well because they do it and even ask for it when they are hungry.
The boxes have cute little kid friendly games on the back, which is also great because while snacking they can look over the box!

With BzzAgent, I received this product for free to give my review and opinions of this prodcut.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

52 Weeks -Link Up-

I am linking up for the second week in a row(yay! go me!) with Amber over at My three bittles on her 52 Weeks link up! Random acts of kindness at their finest! Go check her blog out!

52 weeks of kindness

So this week was about giving back.  I have had some health related questions lately and didn't get the answers I wanted, or that I could understand(let's be honest).  Sometimes you are given so much information from a Nurse, or Doctor that it can be absolutely overwhelming and questions that you have are skipped over, or just forgotten.  That's were my friend Amanda came in, one of my computer friends ;).  Amanda is a Nurse in California and I reached out to her with my questions and for advice.  She does this for a living, so I didn't want to bother her with this and made sure it was okay that I asked her if she minded me asking her "nurse questions".  Of course being the sweet person she is, she didn't mind at all and I randomly text her my questions, she responds and helps me so incredibly much. 
So I mailed her off one of these as a thank you...
...a gift card to her favorite store, Victoria's Secret.  Her random acts of kindness in my life, made me want to give back to her. She didn't expect it, nor did she want it.  I reached out to her close friend to find out what she liked and sent the gift off.  She was soooo thankful and really for what she helped me through, she deserved a lot more. 
And that is it! She was happy and I was so grateful for her kindness.  I know certain people in certain professions get taken advantage of by friends/family because of what they do for a living.  I didn't want her to feel that I was taking advantage of her. 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Really Couldn't Believe My Eyes

So today I bombarded Facebook with tons of pictures of snow. In Arizona. In the Phoenix area. This does not happen, ever. So of course, I took tons of pictures as I stood outside in complete and utter shock that I was seeing snow falling from the sky. I'm from Chicago so seeing snow is not new..seeing snow in Arizona, very new! Plus my kids can say they say snow fall where they live(even if they don't remember it).

I'm currently training for my new work at home position with GE. I have three weeks of on site training with one day a week being at home work. Today was that day! Couldn't have worked out any better! No crazy traffic with drivers who have a hard time in traffic without inclement weather! Yes! first time away from my kids since they were born. First day was good until about lunch..then it hit me that I wouldn't see them for another 5 hours and I got sad. Next day was a little harder. It was sad leaving in the morning after only seeing them for about an hour or so before bed the night before. Luckily it is only for three weeks. But I feel good! I feel good that I am doing something to help contribute to my family. Plus Origami Owl! Don't forget to check that out! The stuff is really, really cute and I'm not just saying that!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting! Link Up

I am linking up once again with the lovely ladies Amber, Melissa and Sarah for Oh, How Pinteresting!

Here is this weeks Pinspiration..

And here is my version...
This was a lot of fun!  I purchased the flat canvas just because I know if it was the kind that is stapled to a frame, that my rough boys would punch a hole right through that canvas! I bought removable vinyl letters for their names so that it was nice and even(I hear you can use masking tape as well), squirted some finger paint on it and let them go for it!  It probably would have been more successful for Jaxton, if he wasn't about 8 months at the time hahahah..You live and learn, right?  Who would have thought an 8 month old would be more interested in eating it than painting? ;) Crayola makes some amazing non toxic finger paints, by the way. 

And that is it! Newspaper=less mess=happy mommy :) 

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

That's MY iPad!

I am the type of Mom that will pretty much let me kids play with anything of mine.  Phone, iPad, whatever.  My husband is a little more selfish intelligent when it comes to those things. My phone has a heavy duty case on because of my one year old who insists everything needs to be chucked across the room.  My two year old will play tug-o-war with the iPad if he wants it right NOW! Brock(the oldest) is REALLY good about taking care of things, unless Jaxton(my youngest) comes around, then he feels the need to throw things out of the way to prevent Jax from getting them.  This includes, but is not limited iPad, random Ninja Turtles, Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Legos, etc. Which is something we are working on with him, sharing just is not on his list of priorities. I know, I am shocked!
Okay, back to the point of this.  So he will carry around my iPad which as Ghost Armor on it(like a giant heavy duty screen protector on the front and the back).  Ghost Armor does nothing when the iPad drops from the table onto the tile floor.  I really am surprised it has not been shattered yet.  So the corners are all smashed in, there are various skid mark looking marks on the back. But it works. And the screen has no scratches-Yay Ghost Armor! ;) So we have been seeing this kid tablets coming out more and more lately and we decided to take a look at them.  He had the VTech Innotab 2 before, but he knew it wasn't an iPad and didn't have any interest in it.  Yea, quite the's a shame when your kids can outsmart you. Then around Christmas time we saw tablets that looked more like actual tablets come out and they were geared towards kids and not sold in a toy aisle! So we purchased a Nabi tablet.  Got it on sale and we were pleased with the look.  Yes, it does have a giant red bumper going around the sides, but it is 100% removable, and I guess they have other colors and accessories available.  We opened it up and he immediately started asking for the iPad. YES! I WIN!
We got everything all set up for him, and it is great beacuse it has a "Mommy Mode" which lets you control everything. In Nabi mode, we are talking pure kid user friendly. Brock figured it out after being explained once.  Now, here is where I was bummed...the apps that they offered were a bit on the "lame" side. No Disney anything, the movies were all paid apps(which is fine, but they were not worth the money), the games seemed a little silly.  So I went to Google.  I googled the crap out of this Nabi tablet because it seemed so close to an Android that I couldn't believe I couldn't get a YouTube app on there, or anything Disney related.  BINGO! I found can get the Amazon App Store on your Nabi! Now we got everything, and I can even throw apps in on the Mommy side like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook...Go Mommy! And I don't have to cringe everytime a fight breaks out over the iPad, or it accidentally goes flying while my one year old trips on his own feet. if you are interested in checking out more information on it! 
Bottom line, if you are in the market for a kid tablet to save your own, the Nabi seems to be pretty decent in respects to parental controls and user friendliness! 

Nabi in no way paid me or gave me anything to write this review.  This is simply my own opinion on an item that I purchased.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Nail Files Friday _Link Up_

I am joining in on the fun again to link up my choice of nails for the week! 

I have on Avon Speed Dry 30 in Twilight Blue on all nails, and I used my new dotting tool to do the polka dots in Essie Blanc.  Love Essie's white, it is great coverage for a white, a lot of times I find that white's are sheer. Not this one. The Twilight Blue, where do I begin...this was my first time using Avon, good coverage for polish, a little runny though.  I love the color(and I was even called Trendy((GASP)) when I had it on), I just wasn't thrilled with the quality compared to Essie.  Nail dotting tool--amazing! Can't wait to get more creative! Next on my list is nail tape!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

I decided it was time for me to link up with the lovely Amber over at My three bittles for her incredibly inspiring link up!  Each week she performs these random acts of kindness for others and I have been wanting to involve myself in this for awhile.  It was actually part of my New Years Resolution--not that I EVER have followed through with those, but you know. :)  So I am behind in the link up, so this particular act was not too recent.  But hey, I will catch up !
I am involved in a mom's group on a site called CafeMom.  This past year all the mom's decided to do a gift exchange for birthday's.  Each Mom was assigned another Mom to send a gift to on their birthday.  Well of course, as the year went on-some Mom's left the group for whatever the reason may have been.  A particular Mom was a little bummed that her partner was no longer in the group so in discussing with another Admin of the group, it was only fair for her to get a gift.  So I sent her an iTunes gift card for her to get a few items for the new iPod she received for Christmas! Yayy! Happy girl! Plus, Apple makes it so easy to send gift cards via e-mail! That is amazing to me! I recommend it to everyone!
It may have been a small gesture, but it is nice to know that made someone so happy to not feel left out! So go ahead and head on over and grab Amber's button and joing the link up by telling your random act of kindness!  Or just check out her blog for the things she does for others, you will end the reading by feeling that there are still good people in this world :)

52 weeks of kindness

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Valentines Schmalentines! :p

I am really not big on Valentine's Day, I never have been.  And I am not just saying that either.  So when my husband asks me what I want I just let him know that a card is perfect.  No need to spend money on me.  This year, he did get me something-a heart shaped box of Mint Meltaways from my favorite candy store, Fannie May!  They are in Chicago so he had to order them and they arrived yesterday!
I got him a tablet for his birthday and Valentine's Day..I know I am lame, they are only ten days apart and that's how it had to be! :)  We did go a little crazy on the candy for the kiddos though.  I think they will be excited.  EXCEPT--they are both sick :(  Fevers all day yesterday and last night was rough on Jax, he was up most of the night.  Hopefully today things start improving! I hope you all have a great day! 

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Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Fridge Liners-My Pinspiration

It never fails.  I clean the fridge, and it seems like almost immediately something leaks and my fridge looks like a hot mess again.  I HATE a dirty fridge.  I had seem pins on Pinterest that included lining your fridge with cling wrap...yea, that didn't seem to make a whole lotta sense to me.  For one, I hate working with cling wrap and it bunches when I don't want it to, and can't cut it straight...the list goes on.  I saw this Pin, and knew this would answer my fridge prayers....

All I had to do was find placemats that I found to be halfway decent(the biggest problem).  Wal-Mart seemed to carry ones that were ugly not my type.  Target was recommended on the Pin, but I happened to go to Costco and found the ones I used and just went with it.  Think about the cleanup ease that I am hoping for!  All I have to do is take the placemat out and clean it! No more struggling to get the shelf out, or sitting there with a scrubber frustrated that whatever it is, is not coming off! I just did it, so I don't have a negative thing to say.  It did motivate me to completely deep clean my fridge, so if anything at least it looks decent! Here is how it turned out...and no, there was NO way I was taking a before picture, sorry !

As usual, I am linking up wtih the lovely ladies Amber, Melissa and Sarah who host The Pinspiration Project! Check it out!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oreo Truffles..Say What?!

These are always such a huge hit at family parties, or as cute little gifts for someone to cheer them up!  They require only a few ingredients, and the possibilities are really endless when it comes to design. 

What you will need:
One package of Oreo cookies
One 8oz package of cream cheese
16 oz of Baker's chocolate squares(2 boxes)

What you will do:

Finely crush the majority of the Oreo's.  I say the majority, because as an option you can crumble some on top of your finished product for a design if you so choose.  I use my blender to grind them  up, I just learned this.  I had been crushing them by hand, so either way is acceptable, one is just so much less time consuming.  Then you want to add in the entire package of cream cheese.  This does get a little messy, I haven't found a good way to mix all of this together without making a mess.  So I use  my hands. You will get something that looks like this...
 Now, you will take and roll this dough-type mixture into balls roughly 1-inch in size.  
I place these on cookie sheets covered in wax paper.
Then follow the directions on melting your chocolate, depending on what brand of course the instructions are different.  I think Baker's you unwrap the squares and heat them for about 30 second intervals.  Chocolate does burn so be careful to not over heat them.  
Then you will dip each ball into your melted chocolate.  A good way to do this is placing two forks into the balls, roll them in chocolate, then remove the forks.  Place them back onto the cookie sheet.  I then took red Candy Melt's made by Wilton, and placed them into a squeeze bottle to create a design on these truffles! I highly recommend buying one of these for all those decorating needs! Made my life so much easier!
When your decorating is done, set them in the refrigerator for about 1-2 hours until the chocolate shell is hardened.  You will then get a YUMMY treat that will look similar to this..
 You can use different types of Oreo cookies, dark chocolate, white chocolate, can really run with this recipe in many directions!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Nail Files Friday

My very first Nail Files Friday! 

This is Essie-All my nails are coated in the "Au Natural", and I tried to be creative and create a design and it didn't really work, obvi, but the dots that look like my two year old did them are, "No Place Like Chrome".  The color is very light, I had used about 3 coats, and it was still very natural looking.  Some times that is a nice change up! :D 

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Photo Canvas DIY

I have seen this pin around Pinterest for quite some time now and never really paid much attention to it, just because I didn't find a use.  Then for Christmas my adorable sister in law took her wedding picture with my parents and put it on a canvas for them!  It was really cute and I could see in person the results of how it turned out...SOLD! I decided to make one for my mother in law!
Here is the Pinspiration...
And here is what you do...
First you will need:
Canvas(I found a two pack for $3.99 at Hobby Lobby)
Paint color of your choice(for the edges of the canvas)
Sponge brushes
Mod Podge(original post called for MATTE, but I only had GLOSS, and I went with it)
 What To Do:
I recommend putting newspaper down so that way there is less mess to clean up. You want to start by painting the edges of the canvas all the way around.  I also went up onto the actual cavas about an inch in case anything peeked through after I laid my photo on it.

After that dries completely, you want to put a layer of mod podge all over the top of the canvas.  Lay your picture down on this. 
I used a paper towel to gently smooth the picture down to make sure there were no bubbles(but photo paper is standard thick, so it wasn't an issue). Then put a layer of mod podge over the top. My first one I did I tried to make it look like an oil painting with the brush strokes. *make sure you mod podge along the sides as well, otherwise it will look dull while everything else has a sheen to it.

And that is it!  So simple, and it makes a great gift!">
" border="0"/> 

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What This Origami Owl is All About

There seems to be some confusion as to what Origami Owl is all about.  The name can be a tad very decieving.  So I figured I would do a post explaining it, and showing some examples.  This is a company that has only been around for 2 years, and was started by a 14 year old girl! How awesome!
This is how it works...
Step 1: Choose Your Origami Owl Charms
  • Charm are all $5.
  • There are so many options-hobbies, family, birthstones, initials, music, occupations, faith, love, causes...I mean really, we are talking endless possibilities!
Step 2: Choose an Origami Owl Living Locket
  • Locket prices ranges from $20-$38
  • Choices are gold, rose gold, or silver
  • Choose sizes. Either medium (about the size of a nickel inside) or large (about the size of a quarter).  Medium lockets can hold 4-7 charms.  Large lockets can hold 8-12 charms.  This really depends on the charms you choose, they relatively are all the same size, but some are a tad larger than others.
  • You can get them with crystals going around the outer corners, or without. 
  • These open JUST like a locket.  That is how you get your charms in and out if you ever wanted to switch.
Step 3: Choose your chain
  • Chain prices start at $8
  • Available in rose gold, gold and silver
  • Sizes are  16,16-18, 18-20, 24-26, 30, and 32 inch options. We also have extenders.
  • Classic ball chains, rolo chains, flat oval links, faceted ball chain
Step 4: Add Optional Plates
  • Prices begin at $7
  • Plates can give you the opportunity to explain your necklace with one word. Or they give you to add a little something to your necklace that just is a perfect background.
  • Choose from words such as faith, love, blessed, mom, always...
  • Available in small, medium and large
Step 5: Add Optional Dangles
  •  Prices start at $6
  • Add dangles to your locket to add more bling, or character.
Here are some examples of some lockets that have been made!
These were given as bridesmaids gifts! What a great idea!!
    Hopefully I answered any questions you may have had!  If not feel free to leave me a comment with any other questions you may have!
    And here is my site in case you want to browse around, possibly order a necklace, or join my team!

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