Monday, February 4, 2013

What This Origami Owl is All About

There seems to be some confusion as to what Origami Owl is all about.  The name can be a tad very decieving.  So I figured I would do a post explaining it, and showing some examples.  This is a company that has only been around for 2 years, and was started by a 14 year old girl! How awesome!
This is how it works...
Step 1: Choose Your Origami Owl Charms
  • Charm are all $5.
  • There are so many options-hobbies, family, birthstones, initials, music, occupations, faith, love, causes...I mean really, we are talking endless possibilities!
Step 2: Choose an Origami Owl Living Locket
  • Locket prices ranges from $20-$38
  • Choices are gold, rose gold, or silver
  • Choose sizes. Either medium (about the size of a nickel inside) or large (about the size of a quarter).  Medium lockets can hold 4-7 charms.  Large lockets can hold 8-12 charms.  This really depends on the charms you choose, they relatively are all the same size, but some are a tad larger than others.
  • You can get them with crystals going around the outer corners, or without. 
  • These open JUST like a locket.  That is how you get your charms in and out if you ever wanted to switch.
Step 3: Choose your chain
  • Chain prices start at $8
  • Available in rose gold, gold and silver
  • Sizes are  16,16-18, 18-20, 24-26, 30, and 32 inch options. We also have extenders.
  • Classic ball chains, rolo chains, flat oval links, faceted ball chain
Step 4: Add Optional Plates
  • Prices begin at $7
  • Plates can give you the opportunity to explain your necklace with one word. Or they give you to add a little something to your necklace that just is a perfect background.
  • Choose from words such as faith, love, blessed, mom, always...
  • Available in small, medium and large
Step 5: Add Optional Dangles
  •  Prices start at $6
  • Add dangles to your locket to add more bling, or character.
Here are some examples of some lockets that have been made!
These were given as bridesmaids gifts! What a great idea!!
    Hopefully I answered any questions you may have had!  If not feel free to leave me a comment with any other questions you may have!
    And here is my site in case you want to browse around, possibly order a necklace, or join my team!

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  1. Just wow! I'm smitten! There couldn't have been more perfect timing for having found this necklace.

    1. They are so adorable. I get compliments on mine all the time! :)