Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

I decided it was time for me to link up with the lovely Amber over at My three bittles for her incredibly inspiring link up!  Each week she performs these random acts of kindness for others and I have been wanting to involve myself in this for awhile.  It was actually part of my New Years Resolution--not that I EVER have followed through with those, but you know. :)  So I am behind in the link up, so this particular act was not too recent.  But hey, I will catch up !
I am involved in a mom's group on a site called CafeMom.  This past year all the mom's decided to do a gift exchange for birthday's.  Each Mom was assigned another Mom to send a gift to on their birthday.  Well of course, as the year went on-some Mom's left the group for whatever the reason may have been.  A particular Mom was a little bummed that her partner was no longer in the group so in discussing with another Admin of the group, it was only fair for her to get a gift.  So I sent her an iTunes gift card for her to get a few items for the new iPod she received for Christmas! Yayy! Happy girl! Plus, Apple makes it so easy to send gift cards via e-mail! That is amazing to me! I recommend it to everyone!
It may have been a small gesture, but it is nice to know that made someone so happy to not feel left out! So go ahead and head on over and grab Amber's button and joing the link up by telling your random act of kindness!  Or just check out her blog for the things she does for others, you will end the reading by feeling that there are still good people in this world :)

52 weeks of kindness

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