Friday, July 19, 2013

Origami Owl National Convention

First, I {LOVE} Origami Owl! 
Joining this team was one of the best decisions of my life!  I have met so many wonderful people and heard some amazing, inspirational stories!  

Origami Owl recently held their FIRST ever National Convention.  It was 2 days long held in Phoenix and it was so much fun.  I left feeling so inspired! 

Okay, the point to this share some of the GREAT new products that will be launching in a few short months(September)!!  

People ask me all the time about when we will carry bracelets.  The wait is over(kinda), we will now be carrying bracelets with our Fall product launch!!  
 Instead of the usual flip open style locket that our necklaces use, the bracelet will twist open instead! The chain comes apart off of both sides of the locket so that you can use it on our new Link Locket Over the Heart chain!

Some new charms are also being added as well!  
 We will be getting 2 new "love" charms, and a house!

Our shopping bag is redesigned, new high heel, purse and lipstick!

This is my favorite....
Our new Window Plate!!  

Some of our new dangles-a bird cage, pave crystal set heart, and key!

Our new Miracle Tag-inspired by a 4 year old girl who is in remission from Leukemia...

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek at SOME of our new Fall items!!  If you have any questions please let me know!  Now is a great time to join my team---business is sure to take off with these new products!  Don't miss out on a great opportunity!  I would love to help you achieve your goals! 

Designer ID 12875

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Do Broadway Nails Really imPRESS?

Thanks to Influenster and the amazing Spring Fever Vox Box that I was given the opportunity to get FOR FREE, I was able to try out these press-on nails.  Now let me tell you...I have not used press-on nails since I was probably 7 or 8 so my expectation of them were pretty low.  Being that was 20 years ago, I thought press-on nails were a thing of the past. 
I received the style shown on the far right of this picture...
 These are all pre-glued so you just simply match the nail up with your finger, peel off the tap and press on to your nail!  SOOO simple!  I was able to have great looking nails in a matter of maybe 5-10 minutes-with NO drying time.  This is so key to my busy life now with two little boys! I don't have time to sit around and wait for my nails to dry, and if I do it after they are in bed-I am in bed too! This was a total win and I can definitely see myself purchasing these in the future! The designs are really cute and fashionable! Check out their website and I'm pretty sure there is a $1 off coupon to get a great discount on them as well!   This was a manicure that surely did imPRESS!  You can see the picture of the nails on my hands by visiting my instagram account here-

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mother's Day Special!

With Mother's Day coming up so soon(May 11 for those that are not aware!) I have been running a promotion on my Facebook page for Origami Owl and I figured I would extend that to my amazing blog followers as well!  This is the link to my Facebook page here. I have samples and general information listed there as well! 
Right now, with any purchase you make on my Origami Owl site,
I am offering a FREE charm or a FREE dangle(up to $6) of your choice!  So take a look around, if you place an order send me a message with the name you ordered under and what you would like as your FREE item! 
These make absolutely amazing gifts.  I recently got my Mom one for her birthday, which is conveniently located a week and a half before Mother's Day, and she loves it.  There is so much meaning behind the charms that you can select. 
PLUS-we just added TONS of new items!  New lockets(fan of the flat black jewelry trend? I got you covered!), hundreds of new charms, new dangles, plates and tags!  You will not be disappointed!  Origami Owl is quality and design at its finest!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Here It Is-Kindle Fire Giveaway!

There is no doubt that Isabelle Thornton of Le Chateau des Fleurs is talented.  This French-girl-gone-Utah has a wildly popular blog full of interesting DIY posts, photography, giveaways, and great reviews.  Aside from being an awesome blogger, she also creates fun apps for phones.  Previously her "Make Me Skinny" or Bon Bon app has kept many entertained as they edited and adjusted photos on their iPhones, and now I'm excited to announce she's released an entirely new app!  This one is different, and for Android!

Let's face it, sometimes you spend more time with your smart phone than you do with your spouse, friends, coworkers, and family... You sleep with it, eat with it, and admit it-you take it to the bathroom with you!  With Smartphone DNA you are creating a new kind of experience with your Smartphone.

What is Smartphone DNA?  
Smartphone DNA is an app dedicated to Twitter users, and it allows you to collect your Twitter DNA via your Android phone, and then compare it against other twitter users to see how much you match!  This is a great way to locate new Twitter friends that have things in common with you! 

How it works:
  1. Smartphone DNA shows you a list of apps you currently have installed.
  2. You select the apps you want to share as part of your DNA
  3. Smartphone DNA shows you how closely you match the DNA of other users.

Smartphone DNA is 100% secure and controlled by you.

Win a Kindle Fire HD
To celebrate the release of Smartphone DNA, Isabelle is offering one lucky newsletter subscriber  a brand new Kindle Fire HD!  Can you say wow?  This is the reader of all readers-with a 7" full color HD display, exclusive Dolby audio, and ultra-fast WiFi it's top of the line.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to have one for yourself!  Follow the break to enter the giveaway:

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Origami Owl Samples

So I am just going to apologize for the messiness of this post, I was just posting it so that I can get some pictures put up for Pinterest and it became a nightmare, and I am still working on correcting image sizing and things of that nature.  So you can look if you would like, but don't judge :p  

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Do You Mean We Leave Friday?

I am your grade A procrastinator. Friday morning we leave for California, as in driving, as in with a two year old and a one year old, as in 8 hours.  This will be an experience I will probably never forget, but you live and learn.  My husband is the best man in his buddy's wedding on Saturday and it is happening out there so that is the main reason for the dreaded trip.  I have a feeling too, that I will be spending most of our time in the hotel room with those two little monsters angels, I don't imagine them to want to sit through a wedding or a nice meal by any means.  At least it will be at a hotel and that makes it a vacation, which means relaxing...yea...we both know that won't happen.  :)  

We leave Oxnard on Sunday morning and head to........DISNEYLAND.  I am so excited.  Probably more excited than I should be.  Because that whole procrastination thing plays a huge role here..I have not packed anything for either trip.  I just bought the kids outfits for the wedding...yesterday. I wanted to make T-shirts so we could be all matchy-matchy at Disney, get snacks ready-you know the works.  Instead it will probably be bags of chips and candy for the ride.  Let's hope time magically slows down so I can get some things done.  Oh-but I do have time to blog.  See how this works? ;) 
 Here is an idea of the shirts I am trying to accomplish to finish by Friday as well, this will be on the front of the shirt, and it will be cut out so it does not look so crooked-hopefully, then our last name will be going across the back of our shirts, it sounds cute in my head...

 This was a picture of us a few years ago when Brock was a tiny baby of two months old...

But to try and cut some costs down, I figured it out-bring an electric griddle and pancake mix that you just need to add water to and make up some good ol fashioned mickey mouse pancakes in the hotel room! I know, genius money saving idea right there.  I'll let you know how many times I actually do this ;)  

Well, the husband has arrived home from work, and he is helping me highlight my hair tonight-yes, he highlights and dyes my hair with me.  It's a bonding thing, I get annoyed with him when he messes up and not myself.  It's a win.  :) 

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kindle Fire HD Giveaway Announcement/Opportunity

If you're looking to grow your blog or social media following, we have a great and FREE opportunity for you!  Free is good, right?  Well, Free is AMAZING!

Isabelle from Le Chateau des Fleurs recently released a new Android app called Smartphone DNA, and to promote it she is giving away a Kindle Fire HD-which she is sponsoring entirely.  The giveaway will be hosted by My So-Called Chaos, but what we need are other bloggers to share the giveaway on their blogs in order to spread the word! In return, you'll get two of your links in the Rafflecopter to get extra promotion for you in return for posting.  This is entirely free, there is NO buy in, we just need two posts from you.
  1. Post this announcement on your blog (code will be given after you request to join) to ensure your readers/followers have the opportunity to be a part of this giveaway too! 
  2. Post the actual giveaway (full Rafflecopter and all! People will be able to enter directly from your blog!) 
If you are interested in participating in this FREE promotional opportunity, please email Miss Angie and once accepted into the giveaway you will be given all the information you need for your posts.

Giveaway is set to run from 4/10/13 to 4/30/13.
All requests to join required by 4/5/13!

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