Thursday, June 13, 2013

Do Broadway Nails Really imPRESS?

Thanks to Influenster and the amazing Spring Fever Vox Box that I was given the opportunity to get FOR FREE, I was able to try out these press-on nails.  Now let me tell you...I have not used press-on nails since I was probably 7 or 8 so my expectation of them were pretty low.  Being that was 20 years ago, I thought press-on nails were a thing of the past. 
I received the style shown on the far right of this picture...
 These are all pre-glued so you just simply match the nail up with your finger, peel off the tap and press on to your nail!  SOOO simple!  I was able to have great looking nails in a matter of maybe 5-10 minutes-with NO drying time.  This is so key to my busy life now with two little boys! I don't have time to sit around and wait for my nails to dry, and if I do it after they are in bed-I am in bed too! This was a total win and I can definitely see myself purchasing these in the future! The designs are really cute and fashionable! Check out their website and I'm pretty sure there is a $1 off coupon to get a great discount on them as well!   This was a manicure that surely did imPRESS!  You can see the picture of the nails on my hands by visiting my instagram account here-

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