Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Do You Mean We Leave Friday?

I am your grade A procrastinator. Friday morning we leave for California, as in driving, as in with a two year old and a one year old, as in 8 hours.  This will be an experience I will probably never forget, but you live and learn.  My husband is the best man in his buddy's wedding on Saturday and it is happening out there so that is the main reason for the dreaded trip.  I have a feeling too, that I will be spending most of our time in the hotel room with those two little monsters angels, I don't imagine them to want to sit through a wedding or a nice meal by any means.  At least it will be at a hotel and that makes it a vacation, which means relaxing...yea...we both know that won't happen.  :)  

We leave Oxnard on Sunday morning and head to........DISNEYLAND.  I am so excited.  Probably more excited than I should be.  Because that whole procrastination thing plays a huge role here..I have not packed anything for either trip.  I just bought the kids outfits for the wedding...yesterday. I wanted to make T-shirts so we could be all matchy-matchy at Disney, get snacks ready-you know the works.  Instead it will probably be bags of chips and candy for the ride.  Let's hope time magically slows down so I can get some things done.  Oh-but I do have time to blog.  See how this works? ;) 
 Here is an idea of the shirts I am trying to accomplish to finish by Friday as well, this will be on the front of the shirt, and it will be cut out so it does not look so crooked-hopefully, then our last name will be going across the back of our shirts, it sounds cute in my head...

 This was a picture of us a few years ago when Brock was a tiny baby of two months old...

But to try and cut some costs down, I figured it out-bring an electric griddle and pancake mix that you just need to add water to and make up some good ol fashioned mickey mouse pancakes in the hotel room! I know, genius money saving idea right there.  I'll let you know how many times I actually do this ;)  

Well, the husband has arrived home from work, and he is helping me highlight my hair tonight-yes, he highlights and dyes my hair with me.  It's a bonding thing, I get annoyed with him when he messes up and not myself.  It's a win.  :) 

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