Sunday, February 17, 2013

That's MY iPad!

I am the type of Mom that will pretty much let me kids play with anything of mine.  Phone, iPad, whatever.  My husband is a little more selfish intelligent when it comes to those things. My phone has a heavy duty case on because of my one year old who insists everything needs to be chucked across the room.  My two year old will play tug-o-war with the iPad if he wants it right NOW! Brock(the oldest) is REALLY good about taking care of things, unless Jaxton(my youngest) comes around, then he feels the need to throw things out of the way to prevent Jax from getting them.  This includes, but is not limited iPad, random Ninja Turtles, Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Legos, etc. Which is something we are working on with him, sharing just is not on his list of priorities. I know, I am shocked!
Okay, back to the point of this.  So he will carry around my iPad which as Ghost Armor on it(like a giant heavy duty screen protector on the front and the back).  Ghost Armor does nothing when the iPad drops from the table onto the tile floor.  I really am surprised it has not been shattered yet.  So the corners are all smashed in, there are various skid mark looking marks on the back. But it works. And the screen has no scratches-Yay Ghost Armor! ;) So we have been seeing this kid tablets coming out more and more lately and we decided to take a look at them.  He had the VTech Innotab 2 before, but he knew it wasn't an iPad and didn't have any interest in it.  Yea, quite the's a shame when your kids can outsmart you. Then around Christmas time we saw tablets that looked more like actual tablets come out and they were geared towards kids and not sold in a toy aisle! So we purchased a Nabi tablet.  Got it on sale and we were pleased with the look.  Yes, it does have a giant red bumper going around the sides, but it is 100% removable, and I guess they have other colors and accessories available.  We opened it up and he immediately started asking for the iPad. YES! I WIN!
We got everything all set up for him, and it is great beacuse it has a "Mommy Mode" which lets you control everything. In Nabi mode, we are talking pure kid user friendly. Brock figured it out after being explained once.  Now, here is where I was bummed...the apps that they offered were a bit on the "lame" side. No Disney anything, the movies were all paid apps(which is fine, but they were not worth the money), the games seemed a little silly.  So I went to Google.  I googled the crap out of this Nabi tablet because it seemed so close to an Android that I couldn't believe I couldn't get a YouTube app on there, or anything Disney related.  BINGO! I found can get the Amazon App Store on your Nabi! Now we got everything, and I can even throw apps in on the Mommy side like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook...Go Mommy! And I don't have to cringe everytime a fight breaks out over the iPad, or it accidentally goes flying while my one year old trips on his own feet. if you are interested in checking out more information on it! 
Bottom line, if you are in the market for a kid tablet to save your own, the Nabi seems to be pretty decent in respects to parental controls and user friendliness! 

Nabi in no way paid me or gave me anything to write this review.  This is simply my own opinion on an item that I purchased.

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  1. This is awesome!! I need to get one for Maddie! She's constantly asking for my phone or kindle!

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  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can find out more about it on my blog.