Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oreo Truffles..Say What?!

These are always such a huge hit at family parties, or as cute little gifts for someone to cheer them up!  They require only a few ingredients, and the possibilities are really endless when it comes to design. 

What you will need:
One package of Oreo cookies
One 8oz package of cream cheese
16 oz of Baker's chocolate squares(2 boxes)

What you will do:

Finely crush the majority of the Oreo's.  I say the majority, because as an option you can crumble some on top of your finished product for a design if you so choose.  I use my blender to grind them  up, I just learned this.  I had been crushing them by hand, so either way is acceptable, one is just so much less time consuming.  Then you want to add in the entire package of cream cheese.  This does get a little messy, I haven't found a good way to mix all of this together without making a mess.  So I use  my hands. You will get something that looks like this...
 Now, you will take and roll this dough-type mixture into balls roughly 1-inch in size.  
I place these on cookie sheets covered in wax paper.
Then follow the directions on melting your chocolate, depending on what brand of course the instructions are different.  I think Baker's you unwrap the squares and heat them for about 30 second intervals.  Chocolate does burn so be careful to not over heat them.  
Then you will dip each ball into your melted chocolate.  A good way to do this is placing two forks into the balls, roll them in chocolate, then remove the forks.  Place them back onto the cookie sheet.  I then took red Candy Melt's made by Wilton, and placed them into a squeeze bottle to create a design on these truffles! I highly recommend buying one of these for all those decorating needs! Made my life so much easier!
When your decorating is done, set them in the refrigerator for about 1-2 hours until the chocolate shell is hardened.  You will then get a YUMMY treat that will look similar to this..
 You can use different types of Oreo cookies, dark chocolate, white chocolate, can really run with this recipe in many directions!

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  1. These look AMAZING! I think I'm going to try them...
    Im a new follower from GFC! Looking forward to connecting...

  2. These are a favorite at our house! I like to dip them in white chocolate :) Mmm..