Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let's Get Up to Speed

I figured I would go ahead and try the blogging...again.  I have failed before, but figured now is a good time to go ahead and try again.
So we now have a new addition in our family, who isn't really new, he will be ONE in just a few weeks.  Brock, our first born, is 2 and such a handful! Jaxton is our newest. Brock is attempting potty training now and he is so awesome at it!  He pretty much walks around naked though and drags his potty into the living room, but at least he is going on it, right? :)  His talking is improving each and every day and I love hearing the new words he says.  Such a great feeling.  Jaxton, he is an angel.  He is Daddy's boy 100%.  Sad to see Brandon leave for work, takes him awhile to regroup after Daddy leaves.  Luckily he normally is napping during that time so it isn't always bad!  He walks around all the time now, it's bittersweet to see your youngest become a little "boy" and not a baby!   He claps and talks his little baby talk all the time.  Brock just absolutely adores him and is so worried that I will forget him when we leave the house.  There are fights, they aren't perfect, they try my patience a good majority of the day, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love them both more than life itself.
 I am currently going to school to make something of myself.  Right.  I had the goal of becoming a Nurse, that has changed a million times in the few semesters I have completed.  Such a tough decision to make.  I just don't think I am cut out for the unknown of the Nursing field.  Major credit given to those that can handle that! I'm leaning more towards being an Accountant.  I absolutely love math so I figured maybe I should go ahead and punch numbers all day long. 
Brandon is still with Verizon Wireless, he is going on year number 5! It's still weird to think of us a grown-ups that hold a job down for multiple years!  It's a draining job, I know as that is where we met and fell in love.  He puts his time in and does his job to provide for his family.  It's rough on one income, but as soon as I am done with school, it will be a better help for my contribution to be a more substantial one.  Plus, we can't imagine putting our children in daycare just yet.  I know he has many days when he just wants to throw the towel in, but I commend him for being strong enough to not to that as so many people can't say they are. 
This has been a rough couple of years for us in many different ways.  I look forward to the future when things are easy! I look at my parents and thank God for the role they play in our lives every single day.  I have a wonderful support system and I couldn't ask for anything more.  My kid's get me through each and every tough day by seeing a simple smile on their faces

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