Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No Mommy, No Medicine!

And it begins, the fight for getting my child to take his medicine.  When he was under two, whenever I had to give Brock medicine I never had a problem.  Now the whole medicine giving has become such an issue!  I never knew he could run so fast or scream so loud!  I became desperate to giving him medicine, especially since the doctor prescribed antibiotics for a recent bronchitis infection!  I NEEDED to get him to take this, and he NEEDED to swallow 99% of it! After asking some fellow mom's, I found out about a cup called "Sippy Sure".  

 It looks totally legit.  I thought for sure I would conceal that medicine, nobody would know and Brock would be well on his way to great medication to feel better.  The benefit about this is, instead of just plain right mixing it with your child's medicine, you put it in the cup.  That way if they do not take to it, you still have the option to give it to them the good old fashioned way.  It's not blended in to where you cannot get it out anymore.  Definite advantage. 

I ordered the "Sippy Sure" cup off of Amazon.com for $8.99.  To me, the nine dollars I was spending was entirely worth my effort of getting this child to get the medicine to make him better.  The cup arrived and I was anxious to try it out.  We opened up the box, and he was excited that his new cup has "fishies" on it.  I thought for sure this was going to be a deal sealer.  When it came time to get his medicine, I poured his favorite drink in the cup, and his medicine in the cup designated for that.  He took one sip and said......."Yucky!".  The cup did not work as planned.  

This is a great idea for kids who just hate the idea of medicine.  For Brock, I think it goes a little further, and he just hates the taste!  No matter what I gave him it was still "Yucky".  My youngest is sick as well, but I lucked out with him as he takes his medicine no problems at all and sucks on that syringe until it is all gone!  This cup would be PERFECT in so many ways for the child who just hates the thought of getting medicine.  You could easily pull a fast one and get him to drink his juice as well as his medication in the same step.  Save a lot on your sanity instead of chasing your child around the house, or pinning them to floor explaining why you have to do this, as you get a medicine dropper in their mouth!  Great idea behind this product, and I am really sad that this did not work how I wanted it to this time.  I have hopes for next time with maybe a different flavor medicine!  Orange flavored medicine did not go well in many ways for Brock.

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