Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jaxton's Winter "One"derland!

Jaxton recently celebrated his first birthday, so we thought we would play on the whole turning ONE, and being born in the winter months.  In Arizona.  Hahah.  So I created a winter wonderland, indoor style!
This is their invitation, the party was for my niece and my son who both were turning one within two weeks of each other, so we combined and I made this the best I could possibly do!  The back of the invite is neon colored card stock, in the middle is a photo of them within a few weeks of being born, and then a photo of them now.  I created the print layout and used vellum paper to print out and use as overlay!  
I created marshmallow snowmen.  All it takes is a cake pop type of stick, three marshmallow and some M&M's, held together by a little frosting! 
I used clear party punch cups to pour in some blue raspberry jellow and a sweedish fish.  Hobby Lobby carried snowman kits and I made them and then taped them onto the side of the cup.  The snowmen then held onto toothpicks with a string attached to make it look like they were fishing for the sweedish fish!

To create a cute display for centerpieces, I bought glittered floral arrangements and dollar store vases and made a great display.  It could be used year round at that!  I found mini ornaments at Target in their dollar section to use as a filler and the rest is history!

Snowmen were made out of powdered sugar donuts!  I took a food coloring pen and created the effect of a snowmen and put an orange Mike N Ike in the center to give the look of a nose. 

I bought cute little mini Christmas trees from Target that were colored to give a less Christmas look.  I took ModPodge and covered clothespins with it, then sprinkled glittered all over every one of them.  I also began my obsession with glitter right around this time! Haha.  I used those to clip on pictures from the first month to their twelfth month as a display for how they have grown.  They were set upon their gift table and made a great piece of conversation. 

What is a winter party without snow globes??  So we made snow globes with my nieces picture and my son's picture inside.  To make these, we bought jars from Hobby Lobby, added water, and a squirt of glycerin.  For the snow effect, we shaved a PVC pipe and added those shavings to the water.  The picture was laminated to make it water proof.  Then it was hot glued to the lid to create a stable environment of course.  A ribbon was added around the jar lid to give it a cute look and that was the end!
We made Rice Krispie treats to look like snowmen with brownie bite hats, licorice scarfs and a cinnamon heart nose.

The cupcakes were placed upon a stand decorated with garland that I stapled to the stand to create a festive look!
Snow flake sugar cookies were a must and even my oldest insisted on helping sprinkle on some blue sugar flakes!
I used Wilton's Mini Bear cake pan to make their smash cakes, and it worked out so amazing!  

Juice boxes were wrapped in white paper and made to look like snowmen by cutting out eyes, mouth and nose with construction paper.   Ribbon was glued around the box to look like a scarf!

Everything turned out so great!!  It was A LOT of hard work.  But it is so amazing to see everything come together and all your hard work pay off to create a great party.  It is always nice to put forth a great effort for your kids and this was definitely one of those times!

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