Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wake Me When 2013 is Over!

I am so ready for this year to change its tune!  A close family member has had some medical issues that have pursued since New Years Eve, and they have been struggling.  It always sucks to see someone you love suffer and not be able to help them out.  

Then my poor little doggy that we have had since I was 13 had to be put to sleep yesterday.  She was 14 years old, legs were giving out, cancer, eyesight was going.  In her final days, it was really sad to see her suffer so we all made the decision that this was the best thing for her.  What an incredibly hard decision to make.  I didn't go with to the Vet because of Brock and Jaxton, I didn't feel that was the place for them to be.  Going to my Mom and Dad's house will be difficult for awhile I think.  She lived a long life for a chocolate lab, so we are ever so grateful, and of course we know that she is no longer suffering and waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.  A friend of mine shared this with me to help ease that pain of losing a pet.  I am going to post it here in hopes that it can help anyone who may be going through the same thing.  
It's a nice way to look at things during a time of sadness.  She was a good dog, and I really hope she now can rest in peace.  

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