Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Origami Owl!

I am so EXCITED to share this with you all!!  

I am officially a designer for Origami Owl!  This is such a great product!  I love my locket so much!  

It's got the concept of a charm bracelet, and a locket put together.  

YOU pick the charms, the locket, plate or no plate, the chain length and style.  

Tell your story with your locket!  

This is mine...

In my locket I have the infinity symbol, a little boy with an August birthstone, a little boy with December's birthstone, a heart shaped June birthstone(my birth month) and a heart shaped February birthstone(Brandon's birth month).  The plate says blessed.  I get so many compliments all the time on this piece of jewelery! Check out my website and put together a locket today!! I promise you won't be disappointed! Just click the link, look around and read the story behind Origami Owl, and if interested click on SHOP up at the top and start your creation!

 photo siggymandie_zps92d33361.png


  1. David bought me an origami own necklace for Christmas! I'm a bit OCD about the charms sliding around, so I cut little tiny pieces of glue dots out and put them on the back of the charms. Now they sit perfectly still. :) I want a plate for the background so I'll be checking you out soon.

  2. What a great idea! I get frustrated with the plate sliding around too..so you will probably have to glue that bad boy done too! LOL