Friday, January 11, 2013

Avon....Oh Avon.....

I think I am nuts trying to get started on a "work at home" business such as Avon, because it does take a lot of work....and patience.  I have a lot going on, but figured we need the income and I need to finish school.  SO I started it.  I have mixed feelings about it as I do not know where to begin!  I put the flyers out on the mailboxes in my neighborhood and will eventually push more at local businesses.  I feel awkwardly shy when it comes to doing stuff like that, but I have to keep saying it is for my kids. Haha :)  And being a "snow bird" area that I live in, this is the best time for me to try this out.  I am really hoping my website takes off and most of my orders go through there!  It would be amazing for this all to work out.  With a little help from friends and family I have hope!!  
 Look at the cute little Valentine's cookware they are offering for the holiday this year!!  Plus, it could totally be used year round!  Maybe your husband could even use it to make you a romantic heart shaped pancake breakfast! ;)
Use the code SNOWY at checkout for your free shipping offer right to your door!
Great sale on Skin So Soft!!!

With that being said, if you are ever in need of any Avon products visit my site!  Right now through the 15th it is FREE shipping on orders over $10.  You really can't beat that for some quality products at great prices!!  

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