Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pinteresting Wednesday!

Can I start off by saying....I LOVE GLITTER!  I just want to sprinkle it everywhere I go! LOL 

My craft for today was to glitter one of my house keys!  I found this craft through Pinterest, of course. The original post I found was here  Glitter Key.  The supplies consisted of rubbing alcohol, Mod Podge, Glitter and a clear acrylic sealer that happened to be made by Mod Podge as well.  

Before I officially started I took a quick cotton ball of rubbing alcohol to the key to clean it up a little bit so that way the Mod Podge held the best it could.
The next thing I did was use a paintbrush to coat the key in Mod Podge.  I've heard of making your own homemade Mod Podge, but never got around to it, plus I seem to have a never ending supply of the stuff! 

Next, I coated that bad girl in glitter.  I am in love with this glitter by the way.  It is such a fine glitter and it really sparkles!  I purchased it from Hobby Lobby for $3.99, it is called Poly Flake.  

I let it sit for an hour, then I sprayed the clear coat over it.  This stuff has a strong odor to it, so I don't recommend using it in a small area.  I did it on my kitchen table, where I am typing this now and I can still smell it. Turn a fan on to get that air circulating, and for your glitter project to dry faster!  I put a clear coat on it to protect it.  The glitter likes to fall off with use so this helps to prevent that from happening.  Otherwise, you will have glitter everywhere! If you don't have the clear acrylic, clear nail polish is a good substitute too! 

Then we have the final product!  Do you think my husband will let me do his?! ;)  With two boys, I do not get the chance to glitter everything, so it really is the little things that count!

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  2. oh its awesome! i would do it to one of the keys he uses the least and see if he even notices :)
    you know they never do! haha
    thanks so much mandie for following me, i am happy to be following back and sharing the love.
    happy aloha friday!