Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No More Broken Makeup!

This week I tackled fixing my broken powder!  I have been dealing with the "crumbs" for awhile now.  It was a sad day when it broke, and doesn't it always seem to happen when you JUST get a new product?!  The slow motion feeling comes about as your makeup falls to a hard fall on the bathroom floor!  So when I ran across this tutorial, I figured it was worth a shot! Here is the Pinspiration...

And here is my version:

I will go through the directions..

You will need:
Rubbing Alcohol
Something you can use as a spatula
A small makeup brush
A small square of plastic wrap
(dropper is optional, I just found this to be easier)

Okay so first, you want to cover your makeup tightly with the plastic wrap.  
Then you will want to take your spatula and finely crush the pieces of makeup so you have a really fine powder.  I did this all over the paper towel, to avoid a huge mess.

Take the plastic wrap off, and add some rubbing alcohol.  I used a dropper for this and filled the dropper up about 3 times.  You want the makeup to become very creamy in consistency.

Now, take your makeup brush and smooth everything out. I obviously had an issue getting it really smooth looking, I am thinking I didn't use enough rubbing alcohol.  

Let it sit and dry for a few hours.  When all is said and done, you will have makeup that looks like new!  Mine may not look like the original post, but its better than crumbs, so I am still very happy with this!

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