Thursday, March 7, 2013

Things I Don't Love Thursday + Giveaway

I decided I would start linking up for Things I Don't Love Thursday.  I have a lot I do love, but there are definitely things I don't. 



Traffic. For some reason, I get stuck in traffic every single day.  I know a lot of people do.  BUT...there is an accident, in the SAME exact spot EVERY single day.  You would think people would be more careful after the record of accidents there (It is also on a STRAIGHT road, no fancy pants driving is needed)
Coming Home to a Dirty House. I leave for work before my kids wake up, pick them up from their Grandparents house on my way home-10 hours later. Get home, and its near their bed times so I have a one year old walking around crying, a two year old that feels he can do whatever he wants and a messy house.  Sometimes my hubby is great and he cleans up before he leaves, sometimes he doesn't.  
 What If's. After 3 weeks of training at my new job, and hearing a question start like this by another new hire employee...I am ready to snap.  TWO MORE DAYS AMANDA, TWO MORE DAYS. Everything starts "Well, what if..., What if this...."  What if the sky falls?  What if the world ends.  I mean really...No sense in wondering about what if's especially when they are SO far out there.

The FUN Part!!!

Today I am joining in helping a follow blogger/friend celebrate a COUPLE milestones-4 years of blogging, and 600 followers!

I have "known" Sarah for a few years now, and she is an ah-may-zing person all around.  Help her celebrate by entering in her contest{That I am happy to be a part of} and go visiting her blog Fortune Favors the Brave 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. My go to drink is either a peppermint mocha or a caramel brule.

  2. What if's drive me bonkers. I'm like "dude brain. knock it off!"

    Thanks for joining in for my giveaway :D

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