Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

Well, first-I hope you all had a good weekend!  They go to fast in my eyes, but I'm sure that everyone can agree with me there. Unless you work on the weekends ;) 

Friday it was storming in the valley pretty badly.  I got out of work early(woohoo) and went to the mall to return some shoes. As I came up to the doors to leave the mall they all flew open and trees were bending in half, things were being blown all over-looked like a hurricane, in Phoenix. Finally braved it to make a mad crazy dash to my car to find this right in front of me...
That would be a big ol tree rooted from the ground.  On my way out of the parking lot there were numerous trees pulled out of the ground making it quite the obstacle to get out of the mall! I continued on to Ikea where I then got hit by hail.  It was fun. 

Saturday I did my usual girl time with my Mom.  We went to lunch at Panda Express and then went grocery shopping together. It's a tradition. We goof off together, and this week the grocery store had a cardboard cut out for Easter related activities, so I jumped in there to get my picture taken! 
Not the most flattering facial picture, but it was a good time. 

Later that day I got my eyes checked out for some new glasses.  After that we dropped the boys off at their Grammy's house while the husband and I went to dinner with a Christmas gift card that we have been dying to use! 
 Love this restaurant, The Melting Pot.  It takes a long time, which is why it is great for a date night when you are kid-less.

Sunday we had a pretty lazy day, I got caught up on some homework for school.  Brandon was great and cleaned up the kitchen for me.  It is nice when they help out! We had dinner at my parents house and my brother and sister in law came too! We had meatloaf, with an egg in the middle, wrapped in bacon, covered in BBQ sauce...yes you read that right.
 I will be posting the recipe to this during the week! I HIGHLY recommend trying it. 
Brock is my little photographer so he had to take pictures of everyone...
 And Jaxton was injured on the run outside. Suffered a little road rash on his nose and forehead, but Grandma made it better with an ice pack...
 Sometimes I think I should put this kid in a helmet.  His poor head gets hit a lot. A lot. He is resilient though and it only phases him for about 30 seconds and then he is off. 

I got with my brother to start planning out our Mom's Mother's Day present, an Origami Owl Locket-she doesn't have one yet so we figured this would be perfect because she wants one! We started picking out charms for her and I know she will love it! 
Here is just an idea for Grandma's, or Mom's(because we have Mom specific charms too)
Take a look here!

Overall, good weekend! 

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  1. that meatloaf look soooo delicious! and i can't believe that tree! crazy!
    Helene in Between