Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up {Link Up}

This is one weekend that I am glad it is over and it is MONDAY. I just started dancing in my seat while singing the Friday song. 

We bought a new(used) car on Thursday.  I am in love. 
 I go to start it on Friday and the battery is dead. Talk about making a momma angry.  So I had to jump it.  I have a fear of electrical stuff like that. Seriously.  But I did it(WOOHOOO-Yes, I did a dance when it started).  So to the dealership I went.  FYI-doing anything at a car dealership/mechanic is not fun with two kids. Not fun at all. It was almost 430 when I got there and our sales man said that all the mechanics were heading home-I believed this because my Brother-in-law is a mechanic there and he wasn't there. "Doug" tells me to leave it, and he will get me a car to drive.  "Doug" gets me a brand new Chevy Traverse to drive. He also gives me a "No food or drink" warning. Yea, he must have missed the TWO kids that are toddlers.

I was fine with this after waiting for 45 minutes for all this to happen I just wanted to be done and gone.  I make the big car seat switch(annoying) and drive off with two screaming kids. It was 95 degrees that day.  My blood pressure was up for the obvious reasons, so I go to crank up that A/C.  The A/C starts hissing and making strange doesn't work.  Warm air blowing out of the vents.  I live roughly 45 minutes from this dealer.  Not joking.  So I call "Doug" to let him know the deal.  He says "You just don't have luck with cars, do ya?"  Well, "Doug" I guess not. I didn't necessarily want to drive back and have him put me in a different car, because quite honestly I was too aggravated.  To do the car seat switch and drive back there was just a waste. "Doug", didn't even offer a different car though, so I proceeded to tell him I just don't want to be held liable for that because it was broken when I got it.   By the way-Brock is afraid of the wind, so the windows were something that if I kept them cracked, he would be crying.  Fun times. 

Saturday, I worked for my Mom, and then I worked for my job.  Brandon and I went out to dinner that night and my parents watched the boys.  Date nights are alright, but I miss my kids a lot now that I have started to work, I would probably rather be with them.  Maybe this is my own personal marital issue though :P  We stopped at Kohl's so I could use all my amazing coupons and I ended up getting a new mat for the front door(I may or may not have had a Christmas one out still, oops). 

It glitters and sparkles, and is everything that is me. :D

Sunday I had to wake up and go to the store because I forgot an item for a science experiment, so Jaxton and I left alone.  He is my crazy little baby.  We came home and did some yard work, but Jaxton had other plans...running away into the street. So much for that.  Later we went to my husbands Grandparents house where we ate enchiladas and rice and beans.  Came home and that was pretty much it. 

How was your weekend?
Go ahead and link up with Sami's Shenanigans! 

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