Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things I Don't Love Thursday {Link Up}

I am linking up with Melissa again over at Lulu and Sweet Pea for another Things I Don't Love Thursday!


Sickness. Especially in one of my kids.  Right now they are both ill.  Get this-Brock has a RIGHT ear infection with RIGHT lung bronchitis, and Jaxton has a LEFT ear infection with LEFT lung bronchitis.  Total opposites. I just feel awful for them.  MY POOR BABIEEEEEES. 

Husband watching DVR'd items without me.  I love when I fall asleep and happen to wake up shortly after and see he is still awake, and watching a show we normally watch TOGETHER> HELLURRR. 

Women.  Yes, I said it.  This week I witnessed some pretty petty crap going on.  I am surprised at how persnickety some individuals can really be.  I just don't understand why some women feel the need to act this way.  Desperate for friends??  Tired of the old ones??  Oh well. 

That is all I have for you on this lovely Thursday! Thanks for stopping by and seeing what exactly things I don't love! 

OHHHH and don't forget about Sarah @ Fortune Favor's HUGE giveaway!! 

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  1. OK, the dvr thing bugs me too! You can't watch one of "our" shows without me- hello!

    Poor sick kids :( Mine have been sick too, but not like that. Hope they feel better! And thank you for linking up again :)

  2. I hope your babies get to feeling better soon. I'm bad about watching stuff off the dvr without my hubbs. In my defense, with his work and school schedule they will sit in the dvr forever. I don't delete them and he can watch them when he is ready.

  3. Psht. TOTALLY agree with all of these.
    Except the DVR thing because I've never had a DVR :p

  4. Found you through the bloghop. (:
    Also. My Starbucks addiction is a double chocolatey chip frappuccino with mint added in.
    It's delicious.

    And with Amazon?
    Stuff for my new apartment in July!

  5. hey there. I'm Laney and a Newbie here. found you thru the friday blog hop. Hope you can come and follow me back!

  6. Found you through the bloghop! :) I love passion tea (and the ice water) at Starbucks! I would buy books for school with the amazon gift card! I am crossing my fingers for that one!
    :) Rebecca

  7. We're all just getting over a bug - blehh! Never been this sick so much in my life!

    Nick always watches movies without me when I'm doing stuff on my computer. When we had DVR, he didn't know how to use it haha.

    Women cause too much drama. It's hard to find good friends who are laid back!