Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snowmen Fishing?!

For Jaxton's 1st Birthday I had a whole Winter "One"derland theme going on that I posted about here.  I am going to break one of those crafts down for you in this post, I know you are excited!  Snowmen, fishing in cups of Jell-o for Swedish fish. I really thought this idea was amazing.  I didn't come up with it, of course, I found it on Pinterest and tweaked it a tad to fit my abilities.  

I had been lucky enough to find the pieces of a snowmen in a kit from Hobby Lobby.  Which is why I chose to go with Snowmen.  I purchased colored toothpicks from my local grocery store, clear plastic party cups, blue jello, and Swedish fish.

Snowmen, or fisherman of your choice
Clear plastic punch bowl cups
Toothpicks(I used colored ones)
String, cut into 3-4 inch pieces
Blue colored jello
Swedish fish(or any fish shape item gummy)


Make the Jello according to the directions, pour the jello into the clear cups-about 1/3 of the way full and add a fish to each cup!  Set this in the fridge for the needed amount of time until it solidifies. 

While this is setting, take your string and tape it onto the end of the toothpick.   Then you will want to stick the toothpick without the string into the snowman as if it was his fishing pole.  

Once your jello is finish, tape your snowman(fisherman) onto the cup to make him look like he was really fishing!  

Everyone thought these were adorable and I hope you do as well!

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